The origin of Mimcook. Get to know us

The idea of mimcook was born more than 8 years ago in the Casinet restaurant in El Vendrell, Tarragona. The chef and owner, Sergi Escolà, wanted to find a way to be able to give his diners the same result every time with each of his rice dishes.

How did it all come about?

In a restaurant like the Casinet, where between 300 and 350 servings of paella can be served per service, maintaining the same quality always forced chef Escolá to be looking for, training and training his workers continuously, forcing him to be in the paella batch whenever the restaurant was open.

The first high precisionpaella pan

It is for these reasons that, not finding any useful application in the market to improve his situation and to be able to scale the business, he decided to start developing the first high precision paella pan.

After two years of development and testing with different restaurants, in April 2018, the commercial version of Mimcook Pro is released with the current product features and CE certification.

Mimcook today

Two years later, in 2020, its younger brother, the Mimcook Go, with 2 rings and a capacity of up to 60 cm in diameter, was launched on the market.

Currently, there are already hundreds of Mimcooks in different restaurants in the country and around the world, highlighting the restaurant of chef Quique Dacosta in London, ArrosQD, where there is a battery of Mimcooks in showcooking in front of the diner.

Sergi Escolà & El Casinet

Sergi Escolà is a multifaceted chef who has spent his life working in different sectors. After studying cooking and working in Barcelona for a few years, and a subsequent period away from the restaurant business, in 2008, he opened Casinet in a historic building in Sant Salvador beach, El Vendrell, where he is currently working as a chef.

Creation of the Mimcook System

Since the installation of the Mimcook system in his restaurant, Chef Escolà has shared his work as a chef with gastronomic consultancies in the world of rice, talks on kitchen automation and operations, training, the Mimcook company and, most importantly, his family.

Mimcook Family

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