EFC, the first automated fire controltechnology

Controlling the fire in your kitchen is now possible thanks to EFC technology. The unique patented technology of automated flame control.


By means of various sensors and safety measures, the EFC technology makes it possible for the first time to record programmed fire rises and falls by time or temperature.

This allows, among other uses, to automate fires in a kitchen and to get always the same results in the recipes cooked with the fire that we have programmed.

EFC‘s mission and vision

Currently, the EFC technology is exclusively present in the different Mimcook models. In the near future, in many more gadgets and kitchens.

Are you a manufacturer and would like to apply our technology to your product? Contact us as soon as possible to find out all the details!

Products with EFC technology

Flame automation, predictable results and cost savings with globally unique patented technology. Discover the products with EFC!


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