About Mimcook

What is Mimcook?

Mimcook is the first high-precision paella pan with patented EFC technology, which automates the cooking process with flame, with recipes previously memorized by the chef. With mimcook, you automate flame power, times and temperatures in each of the cooking phases to obtain predictable results and improve the performance of your kitchen.

Can you make all types of rice?

Yes, Mimcook cooks all types of paella and rice recipes, whether they are dry, sweet or brothy. In addition, we can automate all types of fire cooking, taking into account the power of fire, temperatures and times of each phase of cooking.

Does it consume more than a standard paella pan?

Mimcook does not consume more than a standard paella pan, on the contrary, fuel consumption is optimised thanks to the precise and non-manual gas regulation. Consume the minimum necessary.

Does it take up the same space in the kitchen as a standard paella pan?

Mimcook is a little longer than a traditional paella pan because of the space allocated to the electronics. You can check the exact measurements of each model in the product manual in the downloadable section.

Can I save my recipes?

Of course it is! Mimcook allows you to memorise up to 50 personalised recipes, adapted to your menu and specialities. Mimcook also has recipes memorized when you buy it, with scandals and technical specifications so that you can start using it as soon as possible.

Do you have certification for the product?

Yes, all mimcook models are CE certified for gas and electricity.

Does it require maintenance?

Like any paella pan, mimcook requires minimal maintenance and cleaning after each service. If we take care that the gas holes are not clogged, the rings will last for several years. On the other hand, you can replace the rings at any time.


Why is it interesting to have a mimcook?

Mimcook ensures predictable results, always with the standards you want in your restaurant. In addition, it improves the management of the business, facilitating the hiring of staff, their training and training when cooking rice.

What are the monthly savings using mimcook?

The savings obtained with mimcook depend on many factors such as the type of restaurant, the importance given to rice, the distribution of tables or kitchen. Mimcook, although it is an investment for the business, it is quickly recouped through increased kitchen performance and savings in gas, ingredients and staff. In addition, with mimcook we ensure that the results are always the same, whoever is in front of the fire, thus offering the perfect formula to scale our business and make it grow.

Can it be easily transported to another space?

Mimcook is transportable, although it must be well protected to avoid knocks that could damage its structure and electronic components.

Can I see the mimcooks before I buy them?

Of course it is! Mimcook is created by and for catering professionals. We have our own restaurant in the province of Tarragona, the Casinet. We will be delighted to welcome you and to show you live our showcooking open in the dining room with more than 18 mimcooks. If you can’t come to our restaurant, write to us asking to attend an online demonstration.

What are the real advantages of mimcook?

With Mimcook you ensure that your entire team makes the same recipe with precision. In addition, thanks to the sensors you control the exact times in each cooking phase, giving a better service to the diner. With Mimcook, your recipe will be reproduced exactly by any member of your team with a total guarantee of the same result in all of them.

Shipping and After Sales

How does the mimcook after-sales service work?

With the purchase of mimcook we will give you the contact of an official technical service near your business. In case you do not have a nearby technical service or it is not to your liking, we can train your technicians or arrange a centralized technical service in the factory.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, all mimcook models come with a two-year warranty from the time of purchase.

Do you carry out the installation of the mimcook ?

We do not do pre-installations or installations. With the purchase of the product the connection is prepared for its correct operation. We can recommend installers according to geographical area if necessary.

Do you sell in the United States?

At the moment mimcook is only marketed to countries that accept CE certification. We will soon obtain UL certification in order to be able to sell also in countries that have this certification.

Do you ship worldwide?

The purchase of mimcook does not include shipping, although we can help you to hire it. We also do not sell in countries that do not accept CE certification. Unless otherwise specified, Mimcook is sold ExWorks, so our responsibility for shipping ends when it leaves the factory.